The Crêpe Café Opening Soon

29 04 2008

Posted By Mishary.

The Crêpe Café will be opening soon in Kuwait. Its a crêperie that serve pancakes, waffles, crêpes as well as omelets. Their food and desserts revolve around crêpes.

Opening soon in 2 locations:

  • Avenues Mall – May 2008 (Phase 2 i think).
  • Raya Plaza – July 2008.

Esara7a I didn’t try them before but im going to give them a shot inshallah when they open.

For their menu and more information click HERE.

Thanks to ANM




6 responses

29 04 2008

ely eqool naq9een meeteen :S LOOL

29 04 2008

loco Hehehehehe .. you can define Kuwait entertainments in to words Restaurants + Cinemas 😛

29 04 2008

ooh i love pancakes

so will definitly try em when i get home

29 04 2008

:O CREPES!!!!!
they better not delay the opening taba3 May!

29 04 2008

Oh May that’s close , i really can’t wait i love waffles but there’s hardly any places which serves good ones

30 04 2008

imbala hatha open in ba7rain gabl la yefta7 bl q8, w awal ma feta7 it was SOOOOOOO GOOOOD ! but like everything that ends up in the middle east, few months later it tastes like crap, staghfar allah =P Hope it lasts bl q8 ;P

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