Take A Shower Without Water!

30 04 2008

Posted By Mishary.


Is it REAL? Have anybody tried it? I think this will help Tarsheed with their campaign 😛


Thanks INM



7 responses

30 04 2008

LOL kinda eew-y dont u think?;p
yet a7eb new creativities one day it will develope o y6la3 lena shay mofed=p

30 04 2008

i think it will create w stinkier kuwait;p

30 04 2008


30 04 2008

ya maal el3ayaz..
ok using hand sanitizer without water, but taking a shower!!! sorry bs w9a5aa il9ara7a :/ (unless 4 ppl wa3alayya who mention above)

30 04 2008
organic kuwait

this maybe useful in hospitals ….. or in prison ..

30 04 2008

hahaha amazing! but can somebody translate the text for me:)

30 04 2008

Water is a relic of the past! Abandoned it with all-speed!

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