Are you a Blogaholic?

4 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

So? am I addicted to blogging? This is my test’s result.

Naaahh… I’m a casual blogger 😛 Take the TEST yourself!

Credit: Frankom




6 responses

4 05 2008
Are you a Blogaholic?

[…] Yousef Blogged about a good topic today on somecontrast.comHere’s a quick excerpt: […]

4 05 2008

block in BY ETISALAT 😦

4 05 2008

hehe feeta7ta
78% ana 😀

4 05 2008

dude! I scored 82% and I KNOW for a fact that am the worst blogger out there!! that’s bogus! :/ am an addict!

4 05 2008

im 88% addicted!

5 05 2008

loco o99 fetha7tna.. bs 78%? 😛

chika lol that can’t be true, I can’t be more of a blog addict than you! thats just aint right 😛

eshda3wa ya modmina! you should blog less and study more! 😛 or just study more *selfish*

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