Turn Your Old Purse Into CASH!

6 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Ladies, I think this will help you alot! instead of throwing or storing your old unwanted bags, this site will help you get rid of them by buying the bags and paying you in cash!

Walla i think its a nice idea. If there is a bag we don’t need anymore why keep it in the closet? 😛

For more info click HERE.




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6 05 2008
Turn Your Old Purse Into CASH!

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6 05 2008
Hamitaf La B

I read about this somewhere….
its such a cute idea… !!!
But I don’t think they would buy anything from me considering I destroy everything I own… 😀

6 05 2008

Hamitaf La B, Hehehehehehehehe I wonder what are they doing with the bags after they bought them.

6 05 2008

I think they resell it.
Quote from the site “sell it to us so another women can enjoy it. We specialize in buying & selling Pre-owned Authentic Designer handbags”.

6 05 2008

5ermesS Aha .. Thanks 😛

6 05 2008

You’re very welcome 😛

6 05 2008
Ladies Health and Beauty Tips

It’s a good cash converting way.

I love these kind of ideas, just like converting fats into energy..

works wonderfully and feels great!

6 05 2008

i heard about this and it sounds really cool but i don’t think i can part with my babies 😛

7 05 2008

i was just gonna post about that :/

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