Mom’s 4th Post

8 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

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This time I won’t translate the whole article, I’ll just post the actual article in its original form and will offer just a summary, a very brief summary, coz i don’t want to leave some of you guys totally out.

Mom basically wrote an article discussing the recent renaming of one of our favorite area names in Kuwait, Al Messila, to a name that belongs to a late member of the royal family. She explains how its not appropriate and that there are people whom are benefiting from this by doing favors to get closer to the big guys. And lastly, she’s suggesting that a street named after that person or a high school would’ve been much more appropriate. Thats the whole idea in short.

I’ve talked to many people and all of them, me included, agreed that no one we know will ever stop using the old beautiful name in favor of the new name. We just think its not right.

I wrote a post around 4 months ago discussing this same issue, read it here. Many other bloggers have wrote about this and I liked this blog’s post the most.




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8 05 2008

9a7 kalameeeha 100% !! lish e’3ayroon eseem el maseela ??? lo man6a’3a yedeeda wa samooha 3ala wa7ed min al saba7 chan gelna mashy !! bas et’3ayroon eseem man6a’3a ma3roofa wa ‘3adema feeha min torath el kuwait!!!!
wa yomken ba3ad cham shahar aw sham senah e’3ayroon asamy mana6ee’3 el kuwait kelaha !!! wa e7eedoonhom eb asamy ely mataw min el osrah !!! wa ba3deen 3oob kel hatha e’3ayroon eseem el kuwait wa yel3eboon feeh 3ala kefhom !!!!

8 05 2008

I agree on principal. But I will contiue to say that bu salim yestahal. Especially that all of “shyoukh al-hayba” have areas named after them, and no one deserves it more than him

8 05 2008

Hasan.B .. Yasalam! o ma ligaw ella elmiseela!
I know why they choosed elmissela ESPECIALLY coz waaaaayid min 3yal el 3awayil migrated their!
shino hatha! asami kil elmana6iq 9arat asami shyooo’7 walla enna ma gimt a3arifhm min kithirhm
yiba, walla deeratna 9art deerat ba6ee’7
Plzz Yousef don’t open such topics again coz ana feeeni 7arra mo 6abe3iyya :@

8 05 2008

Y3ni il maslea mo 3ade o il baje 3ade?? Maseela was chosen because of the fact that ilshaikh salim, lived there and has his castle there, nothing to do with family migrating!? I am not with the move. But If there is an area eb esem 3bdala al jaber?!!?

8 05 2008

Wish I could read it 😦 I’m sure it’s very interesting…

8 05 2008

Hasan.B : bacher wa7ed min el shyoo5 e7eeb tha7yat 3abdalla el salem ok wa 3enad bayt or what ever e’3ayroon eseemha wa 5aloonha 3alih cuz ohwa e7eebha !!!!! plz etha kan 3endoohoom mana6ee’3 yedeeda like 7e6en wa el zahra2 shan samooha 3ala mino ma yaboon !!!! bas man6a’3a 6ool 3omerna en3arefha bel miseelah a5er shay e’3ayronha ??? lish eb ay 7ag !!! ok yestahal wa nee9 !!! bas etha betshoof chan samaw mana6e’3a 3ala kel shohada2 el kuwait ! HATHOLA 9EEJ THA7AW EB A’3ALA MA 3ENDHOM 7AG EL KUWAIT ma yestahloon ensamy 3alihom !! mo hathola ohma ely yeste7goon ba3ad ??? hathola fa5ar el kuwait wala fee a7ad fakar esamy man6a’3 3ala a7ad !!! bas fal7in a5er shay lazem ekoon alS….. !!!!!!!
sorry plz 5alo kel shay 3ala 7ala la ta3moonha akther !!!!!

8 05 2008
organic kuwait

now i miss ur translations!
i agree with ur mom .. great article 🙂

8 05 2008

LOCO im 100% with u!
Hasan.B ana mo ma3a mabda2 tasmiyat el mana6iq eb asami nas at all! la el miseela wal ‘3eerha o salfat enna ehwa sakin hnak ‘7eer ya 6eer!
Plz close the issue la nro7 wi6i :p

8 05 2008

am sorry this might be off but i couldnt help it!
here we r discussing el torath oo el mathi n most of the ppl replying ma e3arfoon el farg bain el “QA” oo el “GHA”!!.. SERIOUSLY PLZ STOP MISTAKING!! u r killing the language!

Yousif, maybe khalti’s second post would be how the new generation cant speak ARABIC anymore!!

8 05 2008

EeLAaA , I’m absolutely supporting ur point bs what can we do?!

but u know what … loool @ U min galb

new generation cant speak ARABIC anymore!!

if any 1 want 2 speak arabic then he should
يكتب بالعربي!!!!!!!!!!

mo yaktib chithee!

8 05 2008

i7na a9lan ensameeeha fnai6ees 😛

8 05 2008

BB, I would love to but i dont have an arabic keyboard! n it would be a headache to guess!! so here have ur “LOOOL” back! ;p

8 05 2008

I love your mom and her random posts.
Allah ykhaleeha lekom ..

Its true.. its wrong of them to change the name.. Its been discussed and I have yet to find a person whos okay with it ..

8 05 2008

عاشت يمناك

9 05 2008
Om FasoOoL

eee wala e7na ensameeha fnai6es o bait eranna esamonha el meseela … 3ishtaw el meseela feeha more prestige 😛 but i totally agree that the name should not be changed , there are many new areas that are under construction that they can call anything they want .. ma3ana el jama3a mo emgasreen … lets have a look:

tha7yat 3abdula el salem
el jaberiya
el salmiya
tha7yat mubarak al abdulla (previously gharb mishref)
mubarak al kabeer (previously gurain)
tha7yat saba7 el a7mad (still alive)
tha7yat jaber al ali
tha7yat ali el salem (previously om el heeman)
tha7yat sa3ad al abdulla
tha7yat saba7 al salem
al a7madi
…………. etc

o all the streets are either under their names or arab leaders .. en6amsat haweyat el balad. the real people that served the country e7asloon skaika eb esemhom o etha 7atheetheen madresa ….

am totally against changing the names .If each one lived in an area will have it named after him here are some changes i see coming up:

Qurtoba = tha7yat salim al ali
El tha7ya = Tha7yat ali al khalifa
al surra= tha7yat abdulla al mubarak
and many more

10 05 2008

Hasan.B “I agree on principal. But I will contiue to say that bu salim yestahal.” I can’t see how’s that even possible. please elaborate. “But If there is an area eb esem 3bdala al jaber?!!?” 2 wrongs don’t make a right 🙂

BB lol @ inro7 wi6i.. la yoba yam3awda 😛

Sunshine oh 😦 I can’t put the article in both arabic and english coz even if I tried my best, the english will always look pale next to our native tongue.

organic kuwait see my reply to sunshine. But you can read arabic, right? why do you miss em? *curious*

EeLAaA THANKYOU!! you’re like the only one out there who have noticed this and said something about it!

HBZ ee a7na ba3ad.. bs fnai6ees yam ilmeseela.. *confused*

Rouge.Et.Noir thanks 🙂 I don’t think we’ll find any supporter of the name change..

جبلاوية welcome to the blog 🙂 o thanks (madry shigolon 7ag 3ashat yemnak lol)

Om FasoOoL when I think about it, I don’t really find why is it so common to name an area after whoever lived there and happened to be from the royal family. I really don’t get it.

and I totally agree with you ina in6amsat hawwiyat ahal likuwait wilbalad ily ohma banooha o ma77ad ‘3airhom. ako wayid nas awla. bs yam3awda manaby isamoon 3ala a77ad, naby bs il asamy itim 3ala mahya 3alaih (igtheb maynoonik). However, i think its nice to name a new area after every amir. Amir bssss! mo lahal wilaqaarib willy i3iz 3alaihom!

10 05 2008

loco haddy haddy.. tara inyaany telephone minhom, seeda ba36eehom 3inwanik o raqim mobilik 😛

10 05 2008
organic kuwait

im a certified translator, I worked as a translator for so many years.. translations fascinates me! I think u r doing a great job .. please do post ur version of ur moms next article! it is so much fun!

14 05 2008
3ashqat iljabriya

ya jima3a tara shyooo5na yistahloon min ysamee min ba3dhum bas tara mu bas ohma ili samaw min ba3dhum tara 7ita il nas il3adeeya ili tha7aw 3ashan deerat.hum samaw manaqi6 aw shari3 3ala esmhum ashoof ma7ad gal shay ? il7een yat 3al messila? oo 7ita law qayraw esm il messila binthil insameeha il messila la2ana ma7ad bekoon mit3awid 3al esm. thani shay bu basel yistahil min ysami 3alayh lakin la oo alf la ina ysheeloon esm man6qa we76oonha eb esma ,, mu 7ilwa eb 7aga oo ohwa ystahil akther min chithi , yestahil min ysami man6qa ydeeda 3alay aw shar3 min showar3 il messila. lakin inrid wingool mahma sawayna mara7 nawfee 7ag hal rajol il 6ayeeeb il kareeem il wafee!!! ya jima3a hathi esm ma6qa oo galabtaw ildinya foog ta7at law kan shay akbar chan eshsawaytaw? estansaw tara il dinya ma tswa oo 5alna kilna inkoon eeed wa7da 3ashan deeratna il7abeeba! magool qair hathi lq8 9al 3ala ilnibi!! ya36eekum il3afya

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