A New Sign For The Upcoming 3G iPhone

11 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Today i was checking Apple store, both the 8GB and 16GB models are “Currently Unavailable”. There’s no indication of whether this is merely a case of stock mis-management or a sign that a new iPhone is fast approaching. Hope this is a new indication of the new 3G iPhone Bs still im in love with my Curve 😛







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11 05 2008
A New Sign For The Upcoming 3G iPhone | The 3g iPhone Blog

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11 05 2008

I love iPhone!!!

it’s the smartest phone i’ve eva used!!!!!!

I neva wanted to get me an iPhone, I always told myself that there is no way on earth me buyin this phone with the old 2G features.

I got mine as a gift and IT WAS THE BEST THING I EVA GOT!!!!

wallah u can do almost everythin with it, believe me!

11 05 2008

Off topic – have you taken a look at Safat today? I don’t think one single WordPress block is on Safat . . . very strange. We are writing; they are not picking us up.

11 05 2008

intlxpatr EE i noticed it! do u know y?

12 05 2008

No clue! My stats dropped like 300 in one day, that’s how I picked up on it!

12 05 2008

intlxpatr walain .. it seems even today our posts are not shown there.

12 05 2008

Mishary .. ako update qawi 7ag el iphone eb nehayat July 🙂
bs hathea sr beny o bain ely ebaly ;p

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