Review: Tang Chao Restaurant

11 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

In my melcha days i can briefly say that i went to 99% of Kuwait’s restaurants, one of the discovered restaurant was Tang Chao, I found out about it from my GPS, its basically a Chinese restaurant (By the way i wasn’t a big fan of chinese cuisine).

But after marriage everything changed upside down! Now im so addicted to Chinese restaurants!

Yesterday me, the wifey and INM decided to have our dinner there, So we went there and had our usuals πŸ˜›

This is for the crunch πŸ˜›

Our favorite dish (Shrimp on toast).

Chicken spring rolls.

Our second favorite dish is chicken sweet & sour.

Garlic fried rice.

As shown above its located in Belajat street in the Holiday Inn Hotel.

Finally it scores a 4/5 due to taste plus reasonable prices. If ur a peacock restaurant fan i think u must try this and compare the taste vs price and reset your fanhood πŸ˜›




10 responses

11 05 2008

lol! I went with a bunch of friends today to peacock o Tang Chao is FAR WAY BETTER than it!! prices were crazy done there and the portions are TINNNNNNNNY!! someone who loves food like me was not that happy 😦 – bas esma3, I had food poisoning last time I ate at Chao.. be careful :/ – ba3dein, fee ma6a3em Chinese cheaper and much better than both! walla!

11 05 2008

chika Sij?? o whats the name o that restaurant ? πŸ˜›

11 05 2008

Thanks mishary for your post , iam a big fan of chinese cusines and i think peacock is the best in kuwait but after i tried the Noodle House Restorant in Dubai I hated All the restorants in kuwait .

11 05 2008

Bo3azeez laa laa hathak barra el monafasa aslaan .. maytagarenon feeh kelesh πŸ˜›

11 05 2008

We LOVE Tang Chao! I am addicted to the half Peking duck – little pancakes with shredded duck meat, shredded green onions, cucumber and a sauce – divine! And their hot and sour soup – YUMMMM>

Second choice for Chinese is China Queen – genuine Chinese cooks, and you can order things not on the menu, too. Prices much much less – atmosphere much less – but fun for a casual quick dinner.

11 05 2008

Salam ..
This is my first comment on a blog ever, but I am a continues reader of ur blog πŸ™‚
What encourage me to comment today is the Tang Chao experience I had with a friend of mine, we ordered spicy crabs & grilled shrimps (I forgot the exact names of the dishes!). It was disgusting since they brought the crab & the shrimps eb kil gshooora yeeeeeeekh as if they took them from sea and put it directly on the dishes :S

A very nice & clean Chinese food with a reasonable price is there in this new FISH MARKET, it deserve a visit from u guys πŸ™‚

11 05 2008

intlxpatr Where is China Queen ?!

Z’3an6oo6a inshalla we will .. o welcome to the blog πŸ˜›

12 05 2008

There is a China Queen in Salmiyya, back behind the Marina Mall area . . .another in Mangaf, behind the Alia/Galia towers (where the new Marrakesh restaurant is waiting for your visit)

12 05 2008

intlxpatr Thanks i’m gonna give it a try πŸ˜›

18 05 2008

ANa ash’had enah ‘7osh ma63am πŸ˜‰

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