A Dentist A Day Keeps The Apples Away

13 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

I went to the dentist yesterday. I was really expecting the worst. But before going into that I just want to say something OT. The security didn’t let me in at first and told me the Mall is for families only. He didn’t let me in till I told him repeatedly that I have doctor’s appointment. And I was very angry when I saw a girl walking outta the mall all by herself with no husband and no parents! Now let me ask you this, since when a girl all by herself is considered a family? and when its a guy he’s considered what? a threat!? Its a stupid rule enforced by stupid people, agreed on by even stupider people leading ultimately to the stupidification of society in general.

He let me in eventually.

I went in, there was a bunch of girls there with burqas sitting in a cafe looking and smiling at the guys near them. other girls with burqas swaying around the mall followed with admiring gazes. another crowd near the cafe with a girl who just passed out. I think her friends thought she suddenly fell asleep, coz all they did was tap her face frantically and call her name, then they pulled her from her hands lol and dragged her out of people’s way. sorry, but it was hilarious.

Anyway. I went to the clinic and waited for less than 10 minutes. The doctor was very friendly and almost a human. I told him that I want my 4 wisdom teeth taken out and a real thorough check up. He took a look in and then said “the wisdom teeth can wait. there are other teeth i’m more concerned about.” yalahwy!

Since there were lots of things that needed attention, we decided to start fixin’ the teeth based on priority. He started with the fillings. and did a real good job so far. He said we need a very concentrated schedule for the next 3 weeks. 😀

Things that surprised me (keep in mind that it was over 10 years since my last dentist encounter):

– for the x rays all he did was stick a piece of rubber in my mouth and point a hose-like object at my cheek and =click= we were done! I remember a simpler times when we had to go to the other room and wear bullet proof vests in order to do the x rays.

-When he said the word anesthesia. something in my mind went “SAY SOMETHING!” and I found myself smiling at the doctor and blabbering some words i don’t understand. The doctor then assured me that i won’t feel a thing. He took a Q-tip, put some pink gel on it and rubbed it near my tooth, a minute later that place near my tooth was numb, so when he injected me with that awfully big needle, I didn’t feel a thing. no pain whatsoever.

-A big hole was dug in my tooth and a big filling was put in and I didn’t feel a thing and I was able to drink and eat afterwards with no troubles at all. (see previous post 😛 ) Mashallah.

Overall, I was really glad that dentistry have advanced lol I was expecting a real pain and a very bleak experience…. But then again, I think I shouldn’t be all joyous and celebratory, I haven’t really gotten my wisdom teeth out, yet.




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13 05 2008

7imdilla 3al salama ,,, anyway i know the clinic ur talking about the same thing happened to me with the stupid security guy

13 05 2008

ay clinic hatha?! ili bil muhalaag?

I have a dentist appointment today and I am already scared!!!! i’m scared of doctors in general. ;p

13 05 2008
Hamitaf La B

which clinic is this and where can i find this awesome dentist….?!

13 05 2008

Since Yousef mentioned that the security guy didn’t let him in first time, thats Muhallab (Muhallag). Al-Fouzan clinic? 😛

Yousef: If your’ going again, the best thing to is getting your’ iPod along, listen to music, and CLOSE your’ eyes! it works with me 😉

13 05 2008


13 05 2008

confirme to me guys is it real there is an “only for famillies” Mall in kuwait are you kidding or maybe iam not living in kuwait.

13 05 2008

only for families and geezan

13 05 2008

yeah alfozan clinic 😛
o etha mani ‘3al6ana it seems doctor bo6ros’s clinic 😛 which btw he’s very sha6er mshalla o friendly..

13 05 2008

He sounds like a good dentist, putting off the wisdom teeth to take care of some more urgent needs!

Any dentist in Kuwait use nitrous-oxide? (Laughing gas?)

13 05 2008

10 years no dentist? we need a pic of ur teeth! i apologize if that was vulgar 😛

13 05 2008

El salam Yousef, thanks SO much for your post. I just read it along with the comment on the other post. Its great that you had a good visit. Private clinics are usually good at treating the patients nicely. I was thinking that you migut be going to mostaw9ef, so I just wanted to hear how it went and whether it was a good experience or a horror story.

Yeah, the topical anesthetic thing with the Qtip is great!! I presume you did one of your upper teeth?

Intlexpatr, as far as I know, nitrous oxide is not available at all in Kuwait. I heard some private clinics are going to get it soon. But knowing Kuwait, it will take forever to get the paperwork done.

14 05 2008

I believe that there is nitrous in Kuwait. I heard that Maidan clinic in Bierot complex Hawali has it. I heard it from a pretty reliable source 🙂 If you’re getting your wisdom teeth out I really recommend Maidan in Hawali. One of the doctors there is a specialist (oral surgeon) and I would go to him 1000 times without having second thoughts at all. Great guy.

Well, good luck with the rest of the treatment. I hope you’re not getting ripped off by private blood-sucking dentists :p

15 05 2008

i`ve been visiting the dentist for the last 3 months atleast once a week , im not sure what he is doing exactly but i know its a major construction , mainly permenant fillings , Bridge , crowns and root canals . but i agree with yousef , i was shocked how i was stereo typed about dentists and the pain associated along with them . and khalod !! you are absolutely right IPOD and close your eyes lol

15 05 2008

n yeah whats up with that!

Chirp yes its in muhallag 😛

Hamitaf La Alfozan Clinic in Almuhallab

Khalid wallah its a great idea, but i don’t think i can do it 😛 i’m too afraid to drift somewhere else while someone’s working in my mouth!

ROUDAN Alfozan Clinic in Almuhallab 🙂

Bo3zeez Yes. on certain days the mall becomes for families only. il7ala zift.

Enigma lol agreed! 😛

5ermesS hehehe la mo dr bo6ros, wa7id thany 😛 bs wallah khosh isim bo6ros! hmmm

intlxpatr you know I was thinking of that laughing gas! i want to try it! but i have no idea if its used in Kuwait or not.

fashionated lol no you weren’t vulgar at all 😛 but my teeth are perfectly fine when I smile, but it seemed they’ve been suffering from the inside. poor things.

Kha oh 🙂 no, I would never be caught dead in a mostaw9if’s dentist 😛

Mushiba hehehehe well I thought I’d be paying more considering all the work they’ve been doing! but no, I’m paying a reasonable price, I think. 😛

bo9ale7 bridges, canals, roots, crowns.. why do they have all these sophisticated names? laish mo 7asho 3a9ab 7ofra 😛 bs jad Allah i3eenik! I’m only a week in and bidait akhig. its so tiring and the m7atat is killing me!!

15 05 2008

lol no bo6rus = بطرس “he’s a Lebanese guy” 🙂

yalla Good Luck with the rest of your teeth 😉

17 05 2008

I got my wisdom teeth removed a few weeks back .. the operation itself was short painless, the recovery was a bit more annoying (your face is completely swelled up). Like mushiba mentioned, I also highly recommend Dr. Na’el Hazeem from Al-Maidan Clinic (Hawalli).

18 05 2008

5ermesS thanks, my dr’s name is Rani, I think he’s syrian.. or lebanese.. not sure.

K.TheKuwaiti Thanks for the tip 🙂 the doctor removed my w. teeth today. took me by surprise. but to tell you the truth.. I don’t think I can switch doctors now that I’ve felt safe with the one I’m going to.

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