Johnny Rocket$

13 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

I guess I was a bit too hungry 😛

Moral of the post: always check the amount before you enter your pin number.



7 responses

13 05 2008
13 05 2008

7san you mean “people” as in the waiters? the bloggers?

13 05 2008

change your pin code

13 05 2008

Holy $h!t …

13 05 2008

did you know they charged for the lemon wedge!? I have a post with the invoice showing it ALTHOUGH they never mention it!

13 05 2008

Holy Smokes! Holy Smokes! What if you hadn’t noticed!?? It would have gone through!!

15 05 2008

lieye 😛

Amjad yeah!

chika I NOTICED!! I really don’t mind paying extra for the coke, but to put that little lemon wedge in the bill like that! thats pretty cheap imo.

intlxpatr I always read the screen before I start entering my pin number, and I read it that day, but it just didn’t click right away lol. they should pay more attention.

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