Off To Vote

17 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

My friend told me that its best to go vote either first thing in the morning or around lunch time. Thats when its supposed to be the least crowded. Thats what he said.. we’ll see. 🙂

When are you going to vote? it ends today you know.. 😛


Apparently my friend told the rest of Kuwait about the perfect timing too. Half the population of Kuwait was standing in my line alone, which coincidently was the slowest moving line of them all. The people behind me (2 old men) cracking jokes and counting every second did not help at all! I tried to drift away in thoughts so that time passes a bit faster but they were always there to pull me back with their endless annoying meaningless chatter!

Guy1: you know its taking 5 minute for each person?
Guy2: 10 minutes.
Guy1: yeah about 10.
Guy2: and we have about… hmm 1,2,3…. *counts* approximately 40 in front of us. thats 400 minutes!
Guy1: oh wow! 400 minutes are like.. hmm… 4 hours!!!

At that point I just wanted to get up and leave, But thank God I managed somehow to block them away for the remaining time I was there. 2 hours and 10 minutes later I was done.

Hopefully some of the people I voted for win.




11 responses

17 05 2008

3eeeshtaw !!! e6la3at el soooda 😛

ee wee7na qa3deen ehny ma nentee5eeb walla ensaway shay ( ya3ny ma mina faydah ) good luck and have fun eb hal 7ar 🙂

17 05 2008

i went at 11 and it took me less then 5 mins to vote 🙂

17 05 2008

20 minutes waiting my turn (around 20 ladies ahead), the voting itself around 2 minutes to announce ur name and give u the election sheet and choosing your candidate, then put the sheet into the box.

P.S. it is too hut but it worth to go NOW before it become crowded again. It is expected to start the za7ma after el3a9ir prayer and of course after alma’3rib!


17 05 2008

Hot Hot*

17 05 2008

i finished voting,there was only 4 guys in front of me i went at around 2pm and there wasnt many people there

17 05 2008
Om FasoOoL

Yousif , i went around 2 el rooms were almost all empty and i was smiling saying to myself “good timing … wal wal 3alaich ya om fasoooool” . Lama wesalt el room malty wela queue mooo 6abe3y .. wegaft chena kateen eb wayhy may bared. There were around 40 before me … but i insisted to finish it rather than go and come back …
Bottom line I DID IT 🙂

Good luck for all the rest

17 05 2008
Hamitaf La B

e5555 7oooooooooooooooooooosa not normal… !! We went oo there was a line esh6ooooooooooooola so we came back later at around 3a9er and it was empty… but its been done so ASHWA!

18 05 2008

7emdaw rbkom at least 9wataw ana re7t eb hl khesaa o akhr shy 6l3t mo mqayeda 😦
3ad 3yazt afaker mn ba36eeh 9oty 6ela3 9oty fashoooooosh 😛

18 05 2008

loco ee la2ana inta 3otho mo fa3il bilmojtama3, inama inta 3aala o bittim 3aalah 3alaina. bs makhith masa7a.

lfc-q8 not fair! I stayed all night just so i can be there at 8!

Z’3an6oo6a yeah it was very hut lol 😛 I saw water bottles being handed out for old men, I kicked myself for not being that old.

n again, not fair. this is what i get for staying up all night!

Om FasoOoL LOL! I went and all the rooms were having huge queues so naturally i went “thankGod my name doesn’t start with an M or 3,” then I found my queue. I was in the same line with all the M’s of the world. karaht 3omry.

Hamitaf La B Aham shay ina we did it and its all over. nothing left ila ina we watch our choices fall and other unqualified people win 😀

pumkinah hehehhee fashalteeeeeena wallah! ray7a 9aafa o bilakheer fashooosh!? fashlah fashlah

18 05 2008

Next time i7ilooon il majlis they should consider doing it lama il jaw ikoon 7ilo.

18 05 2008

More than two hours? Wow, you really sacrificed to vote. Good on ya; I am sorry your candidates didn’t win.

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