Medium Means Well-Done in Kuwait

22 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

We went to Nino and ordered 2 of their certified angus beef, and we asked for a medium cook. we got 2 well done steaks instead. My friend started eating his and I returned mine. after waiting 10 more minutes I got a rare steak.. so I sent it back again. My friend was half way through his steak when they finally brought my medium cooked steak.

Things I don’t understand:

1- Why do restaurants always hear welldone when I say medium?
2- Why do restaurants punish customers who return steaks?
3- why did my friend eat his well done steak when his original order was a medium steak?
4- if it doesn’t really matter what kind of steak he ends up eating, why then did he specify?
5- How come I return my dish twice and end up eating after my friend’s done eating and get nothing more than a little lame apology from the waiter?
6- Why are people considered difficult when they refuse to eat things they did not order?

If we all became indifferent to what kind of steaks we end up eating then the whole steak-cooking system would become obsolete! I won’t let that happen! πŸ˜›




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22 05 2008

Gaucho hears it well though

22 05 2008

1- Its a Kuwaiti trend, ppl like meat to turn black!
2- LOL, because they know others will come, restaurants is a national park here
3- And that my friend what makes the restaurants stick their noses up! we take everything and not complain, and if you notice how many rest. started really great and went down? almost all!
4- LOL, beats me πŸ˜€
5- Because you are in Kuwait ;p
6- Because you are in Kuwait, ur supposed to accept what ever you have, no high standards are accepted πŸ™‚

22 05 2008

Iam also facing the same problems in the restorants some times i start thinking maybe iam (M3aQad)

22 05 2008
Om FasoOoL

I face the same problem .. i started ordering medium rare to get my medium and they still hear it medium well!
The problem is that kuwaitis do not want to see blood in the meat so the restaurants got used to well done and most people are like your friend they do not fuss around when they get their food all they say “ala yel3anhom nathoha wayed” and they dig in it.
I return every order that is not correct and waiters never accept it … once i returned the steak 3 times because its well done and the waitress started begging me to take it beacuse all this amount will be deducted from her salary .. although its not her mistake its the chef’s
In the states if you get a delayed or wrong order that has been corrected you never find it on your bill … 3alam me6awra .. they tell you its our mistake .. its on the house ..

meta enseer methelhom

22 05 2008

I ordered mine medium well, but got it medium rare, but I enjoyed it.

22 05 2008

Mmmm Medium well sounds goods right now!! It’s 10:20 AM πŸ˜›

22 05 2008

LOL that’s funny! πŸ™‚ You can have deeeelicious medium steaks at the Entrecote in bidi33, they cook it just right for me tseer tarrfa but not too too tarfa. Go try it wed3eeli πŸ˜€

22 05 2008

I’ve notice you complain about places but don’t mention the names of the places. The mall that doesn’t let families in, what mall is that? The restaurant that doesn’t know what medium well is, what place is that?

If you don’t tell us the names of the places the post just seems unimportant and the places that have the problems just won’t fix them.

22 05 2008

7san Gaucho is good. I like going there.

Q80-ChillGirl lol I liked your comment! I agree with most of the things you said πŸ™‚

Bo3zeez You’re DEFINITELY not m3aqqad! Its 100% acceptable in my opinion to expect what you ordered and nothing else. thats the least they could do aslan!

Om FasoOoL lol @ β€œala yel3anhom nathoha wayed” 9ajja wallah! I really expected a compensation of some sort, but they did nothing. Even when the manager came and apologized, I tried deliberately to show my dissatisfaction and had him suffer from long pauses before I start responding, which led him to say sorry multiple times between each pause, and yet still nothing happened.

Purgatory Allah 3alsahala πŸ˜›

Sunshine We got a vampire here *points at Sunshine*

7zaya wow Mashallah! yesterday I was telling my friend to go there! I’ve been craving Cafe De Paris for a long time now. maybe next time πŸ˜€

Mark I did mention the Mall’s name at the very beginning of the post, just over the picture, however, you do have a point with this post, I’ll update the post with Nino’s name, but you see, this post was not intended to be a restaurant specific post coz I face this problem with each restaurant in Kuwait, well maybe not in Gaucho, but every other restaurant does this thing and I’m annoyed at them all.

22 05 2008

i face the same problem .. last time at Lenotre i ordered medium and the got me well well well done stake … radait;ha w yabli well well done .. bs 5ala9 ili ma3ay 5ali9aw akel so i accepted it w kalit’ha chinha rabala mafeha 6a3am ..

22 05 2008

maybe if you go to a steakhouse you’ll get hwat you want. try guapo or entrecΓ΄te – I’ve never been, but its their job to make steaks. they’re gonna have to be major idiots to get it wrong.

22 05 2008

HBZ SIJ i7ir when you return your order and they bring it back with yet another mistake! its like they’re forcing it down your throat and you gotta accept it. rabala lol

nQ I went to almost every steakhouse in Kuwait, same problem everywhere. The only exception was Gaucho, they’re good.

22 05 2008

mashalla el sh3b kilah ma6a3em kashkhaah o fakhfekhah o high class, athaher akil el bait 9ar motha qadeema?

ba3dain kil wa7ed yetshakah wain 6ar el ma3ash, wely yegooli ana mareeth like some ppl πŸ˜› have posted in the past.

22 05 2008

Try steakhouse in the marriott hotel. Its as good as gaucho

22 05 2008
c'est la vie

am with you 100% the problem is when you are indifferent about how your steak is cooked and you donts stick to it you will be indifferent about many other things and thats the problem with most kuwaities ,so pepole think they can fool you .

22 05 2008

Yes PICKY as well as difficult =P mala da3i mda3il 3ala il steaka sa3tain ur not gonna MARRY it !

23 05 2008

I think the real question here is, why would any chef permit a steak to be cooked above medium? Why are people allowed to order steaks medium-well and well-done? Wasting a perfectly good steak by overcooking it should be a criminal offense.

23 05 2008

4 – i guess he was famished πŸ™‚

23 05 2008

DVLz mingal akil ilbait motha qadeema! ana minkibar il supporters 7ag akl ilbait πŸ˜€

7san I will. Thanks.

c’est la vie ee wallah coz so many people accept whatever is being served to them!

Ruri Sorry but I have taste buds, you should develop some πŸ˜›

covercritic Exactly! *applause*

costech I was hungry as well πŸ™‚

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