Fantasy World in Shuwaikh

25 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

When I was looking for a gift for my nephew I really had to go everywhere! There is nothing much you can buy for 1 year old boy if you don’t want to buy him clothes.

I tried many places, I went to Khalid bin ilwaleed street, I remember I enjoyed going there when I was young, but I found nothing! I also went to Waleed (ma7al waleed) shop and I think that shop needs some serious revamp.

I went everywhere, including this Fantasy world shop but couldn’t really find a toy that made me go “THIS IS THE TOY!” they all looked ehh and so so.

One thing caught my eye and stayed with me was this little train, and although it is not made for a one year old to play with it alone, but atleast He could enjoy it with a parent’s help until he’s a bit older.

If you’re looking for toys, I think this place is one of the best in Kuwait. They have many things for different age groups. There are even things fro grownups, like the pool and board games. auto freaks may also enjoy Fantasy World’s collection of miniature cars. I personally liked how they had some thing for everyone. Ofcourse you’re always better off buying online, but if you’re buying a heavy gift, like the one i bought, then you wouldn’t want to pay the gift’s worth on shipping.

The one I went to, which I think is the biggest branch, is located in Shuwaikh, on Alghazali street, across the street from Electrozan and near the fourth ring road. They have other branches in Soug Sharg & AlBustan Mall.

This whole thing made me realize how fortunate we were to grow up in a time when we could always find the prefect toy in Kids ‘r’ Us in Salmiya. *1..2..3.. group sigh*



11 responses

25 05 2008

The pool thingie is cute! My birthday is on Jan 13th.. you know now what I want as a gift 😉 – allah yekhalle your nephew to your family

25 05 2008

ahhhh, my kinda world

25 05 2008

I still buy the nerdy toys from there. Like the Matchitecutre and stuff ;p

25 05 2008

But wait a minute wasn’t there a Toys ‘r’ us which opened on the last floor of Marks & Spencer?

25 05 2008

the soug sharq branch is still available as well as the other one at al-bustan complex 🙂

25 05 2008

chika oh my birthday is 13 days ahead of yours, get me a gift and i’ll get you one in return 😛

blasha I want to try every board game they have

Chirp matchitecture and the likescause me seizures.

N Haven’t been there, maybe….?

ZaboOo6a Oh thanks! I’ll update the post now with the info.

25 05 2008

I dun like board games… I want all the stuffed animals

25 05 2008

You should try Baroue! They have a lot of stuff!!

25 05 2008

If they have Jinga then, i guess it’s the place to be.
lately, I’ve been in to playing board games.. plus some unusual ones such as Jinga, “that block game! i jut hate it when they collapse.” 😛

26 05 2008

yousef, why dont we set it up today w enjarebha?

28 05 2008

blasha stuffed animals they only sit there and take space.

Sunshine I went to Baroue, they have great collection, but nothing stood out.

hespeaks lol jenga tyeebly la39ab itha la3abt’ha

Hamad t’haga mara7 i7aqdoon 3alaina ahalah 😛

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