Me No English.. II

26 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Thank you Fahad. I had to cover my face at times during the video. So embarrassing! 😛




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26 05 2008

امبيه امبيه امبيه
مافهمت شي غير الحمدلله وسليمان وكامرا

يالهوي حاولت اترجم حرفيا همن ما عرفت شوالقصة
بليز ترجمة

26 05 2008

set-upid man 😛
i make al 7amdo lelah u understand and this u understand 😛 camera al 7mdolelah cut and only zis give u understand 😛
after zis u can speek for zis am gona speek direct zis for zis and zis !!
el 9ara7a sakar 3la video jamal le3mal akh el ra2eees 😛 hehe i think they should compete with each other mno yekarer el klma more in he dialog 😛

26 05 2008

for those who haven’t seen akh el ra2eees video 😛

27 05 2008

Dear God that was awful.

27 05 2008

U under-estand .. ziss ??
that’s all I could unlock from what he said. 😛


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