The Cockroach Tan

27 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Last saturday I took a dip in the sea. The sun was as big as the sky, or so it seemed. The water was cold, I don’t know why I thought the water would be much warmer. Before I got out I rode the banana with 2 other guys. Its funny how one minute you’re chilling in the sea and next you’re on this huge inflated banana trying your best to hold on to dear life! But, yeah, I was the first to fall after the longest 5 minutes ever and To this second my leg hurts. mako layaqa. šŸ™‚

Some of the guys I know really think they could get a nice tan in the summer, they use different kind of tanning creams to get that perfect tan, which never happens šŸ˜› The idea makes me laugh really.. So, let me break it down to you. Average Kuwaiti guys when exposed to the sun for longer than an hour tend to end up looking like cockroaches lol don’t deceive yourselves into thinking otherwise.. ok? šŸ˜›




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27 05 2008

akheeraaan aa7ad telkalam 3n men who take tann !! man they look stupid laying on the sand or setting on chairs facing the sun !! ya jema3t el khair tra hl 7arakat lena not for guys!! klsh mayloog ! if girls took tan they look pretty but guys oo Q8tyen y9eron chel7ah mel7an qaleel ele they become bronz ! bs el theqaaa meshkila ! oo not only guys fi b3d girls maylog lhum klsh plzz check ur self in the miror to c if it will look nice on u first b4 laying in the sun for hours šŸ˜›

27 05 2008

LOOL!!! even if I put sunblock SPF 70 o0 i sit under the umbrella I TAN!!!! hathy moshkilaaa šŸ˜›

27 05 2008

Pumpkinah, if they want to tan, who cares. Tanning is a lot of fun (skin cancer aside), so its not about getting a perfect tan rather than having fun, whether guys or girls.

27 05 2008

finally a guy said that! A GUY i repeat :p
i think guys + tanning = gays .. no offense to those who do that šŸ˜‰

27 05 2008

pumpkinah, sorry bas who said that girls “kuwaiti” looks pretty with tan? they all turn into selaneyat! second thing most of the kuwaiti guys eseroon fa7am bel ba7ar fa when they add tan eseroon afta7 min elfa7am beshwy fa they better get tanned than burned.

27 05 2008
Abdul Aziz

ana ‘9id il tanning for men , bas fee ba3a’9hum (shi8il nuwadi :p) need it iygoolon “iyshid il jisim” bas who cares bas my theory anah il jisim yinshad bas mo min il tan , min il mil7 ili bil ba7ar iynashif il jisim

27 05 2008

wedy a3rf hatheli el banat ehny wain ballah yesawoon tan, foog 96oo7 bait’hom wala wain.

27 05 2008

thAnk you! most q8ies mit3adeeen darajat il bronze ib mara7il i don’t know when they’ll get that!

27 05 2008
::: ShoSho :::

LoL yeah well they have to have blue eye to look good in a tan šŸ˜›

27 05 2008

My husband is hispanic and he told me this weekend to not “freak out” in the morning when I woke up with a black guy next to me. (We spent the day swimming in the river). LOL. He does get dark easily.

27 05 2008

kha, mako mishkila if they want to take tan bs 76 tan o esba7 or go skying or 7adg what ever but not laying on the sand and facing the sun .. i think men are being less manly with theses acts.

28 05 2008

I think most of the Kuwaitis do not look good when they use bronzing creams. I also think if you’re trying to get a better color coz you’re exposed to sun either way, then you should get a sun block.

28 05 2008

i think the tan is not suitable for both girls and boys specially in kuwait because of the hot sun burning the skin before giving the bronze color .

28 05 2008

I don’t get why tanning makes a man less manly?
I honestly think tanning is less of an issue if you compare it with men wearing too much bling bling here, and those who look like they spent hours in front of a mirror, and worse, those who just sit in starbucks Avenues and strip you naked with their stares most of the time throwing in a comment or two. Oo ily arda… guys gossiping… that’s simply rotten

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