AlShamiya Co-op Sells Skype Credit?

31 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

We were at the barber today and I told my cousin about Skype and how we can use the software to talk to each others while I’m away through audio chat and how its a good software for chatting…etc. Then someone there told my cousin that they sell skype credits in Alshamiya Co-op. For those of you who use this program but can’t buy credits online coz of their credit cards not being american issued, this info could really be helpful, if proved to be true. He said just go to Alshamiya co-op and ask for the skype cards and they’ll tell you where to find em.

Can anyone confirm this info? And can Skype credits be bought anywhere else in Kuwait?





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31 05 2008

Buy it online for 2 reasons:
1) cheaper
2) instant credit in account

Why is it cheaper? the same reason why Rapidshare is cheaper when you purchase it online.

31 05 2008

VOIP is illegal in Kuwait.

31 05 2008

you dont need an american credit card to buy credits. its an international service and so allow international cards. i use my nbk card without an issue.

31 05 2008

VOIP is legal in kuwait if it is used for personal use only

31 05 2008

I am using internet through KEMS, but found Skype page blocked!! is it the the same with other providers? whats wrong with MOC!!! are they part of this modern world!! god help us 3alaihum

1 06 2008

DVLz Rapidshare is available for purchase off line?? where? and why!?

mentabolism Never knew about that. I know its illegal and blocked everywhere in the UAE. but Kuwait?

Mark Really? I had troubles buying credits 3 years ago. I guess things have changed since then.

Flann its not blocked on Qualitynet and Zain.

1 06 2008

“Rapidshare is available for purchase off line?? where? and why!?”
1) Yes, available offline
2) Here ->
3) Why? same reason as skype 🙂

ehm for those people saying VOIP in Kuwait is illegal, prove it or better stay quite.

1 06 2008

DVLz – there have been several announcements in newspapers saying VOIP is illegal and that the MOC is developing ways to track down and eliminate all VOIP users.

1 06 2008
Om FasoOoL

Yousif I have been using it for the past couple of years . You don’t need an american issued card. Its all about how you purchase your credit online. You should use money bookers tab and follow the directions and not directly the credit card tab.

1 06 2008

This is good news, I think either illegal or MOC is making commission of it.
I read several times about how the MOC is fighting it, and this is why Yahoo! and other PC to phone cut Kuwaiti users. Because MOC wants to make money of our voice data.

I’m sure some people are making lot of money under the table selling those cheap VoIP internet cards, and I don’t understand why it has to be illegal. It’s a useful technology. Why is international call legal? They are affecting regular mail! Heck, email is also affecting regular mail.!

1 06 2008

Wow, so VOIP is illegal in Kuwait?

1 06 2008

Okay a little research does miracles and I came with the following info:

These are Terms and Uses for individual services

Terms of Service

4. What we expect from you.
4.2 No reselling. You agree not to resell the Products to any third party.

5. Payment and Tariff Issues
5.1 Skype Credit. To use the Products You need a sufficient balance of Skype credit, which is credit purchased by You (or an Administrator of a Business Control Panel) from Skype and allocated to Your User Account (“Skype Credit”). You must deposit sufficient Skype Credit in Your User Account through Your debit or credit card, PayPal, promotional voucher, or other means which may be made available by Skype. Skype reserves the right to stop accepting debit or credit cards from one or more issuers.

Skype End User License Agreement
2. License and Restrictions
2.2 No Granting of Rights to Third Parties: You will not sell, assign, rent, lease, distribute, export, import, act as an intermediary or provider, or otherwise grant rights to third parties with regard to the Skype Software or any part thereof.

As for resellers Skype do offer that service but needs approval, but since MOC doesn’t allow VOIP ( read report below ) then it’s not allowed to be sold in Kuwait including Co-ops.

Types of resellers


Where can I call with my To Go number?

You can use To Go to call nearly everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, because of a precedent of fraud and misuse in certain countries, we have to limit where you can call using To Go. The list of blocked countries includes Algeria, Belarus, China, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macedonia, Morocco, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Serbia and Montenegro.

“Fraud” LOL moshkilah hal 7aramyia

Finally a report

Although the report is not new at least for those who never heard about this can read it now. I will keep searching more till I find the last answer to this puzzle.

Q: How can you purchase Skype Credit?

2 06 2008

You can purchase CashU cards in Kuwait, they can be used to buy skype points from their website:

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