Alfares Jewellery New Opening

1 06 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Today me and my wife were going to Al Tilal complex for the new Armani Casa shop and found out that also Alfares will open soon there.




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1 06 2008

well done meshary, i just wanna say that i really do like ur blog. it seems that u r active i hope u can continue the same thing. good luck

1 06 2008

I kinda like what they have on their windows ,, right now.
I meant the design ,, not the jewelry 😛

1 06 2008

I’ve hear they handle very high quality jewelry – is that true?

1 06 2008
Pink GirL

nice place a7sn mn loyat almbarkia :>

1 06 2008

me, thanx a lot for you’re comment and keep reading 🙂

hespeaks, even their jewllery tara 🙂

intlxpatr, yes they do .. They r one of the best here in Kuwait.

Pink GirL, bas hathak el classic 🙂

1 06 2008

mashallah allah eyzeed hom

1 06 2008

masawwaw shay e6la3aw min ma7al o ra7aw ilma7al eli ejbalhom :p

1 06 2008

btw, be careful akthar eshya2hom min silver mo thahab abya’6!
o 6ool el sina they have special offer up to 60% except 2-3 monthes, y3ni shay ‘3areeb .. usually el discounts et9eer marra or marretain belsina .. o 3indohom .. el2s3ar el3adiya etkoon marra marretain belsina !!
lol 3ax elnas 😛

P.S. ma yimna3 inna el design 3ndohom 7lo wel hadiya min 3indohom tgdroon te3tabronha “shayy!”

1 06 2008

Jewelery u say ha .. I’ll keep that in mind when i tie the knot. ;P

1 06 2008

tara they have discount on selected items bas…

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