In Frankfurt Airport

2 06 2008

Posted By Yousef

I’m in frankfurt airport right now and waiting for my next flight to geneva. The flight took off as scheduled and was real smooth flight. I usually can’t sleep when i’m traveling, but this time I was asleep as soon as they turned off the lights. I remember thinking why can’t I sleep like every other person in the world! then it…. blurred… Zzzz… Breakfast! Thats it. Thats all I remember. I woke up, ate breakfast and took some photos and we landed.

The next flight is an hour and 10 minutes away, it should be a short flight, maybe an hour .

From now on and till I return to Kuwait, I’ll be posting from wherever I’m at. Nothing will change regarding my posting patterns, Maybe more colorful photos and better scenes 😛 but thats about it. Can’t wait to really use my camera.




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2 06 2008

7mdelah 3l salama .. khoosh coffree ay air line hatha ? 😛

2 06 2008

yousef, im counting the minutes now ! lat7erni ezyada! ana bel dawam wint et7e6li hal eswar! anyway latro7oon mokan ewanis lain ayeekom ne6rooni!

2 06 2008


2 06 2008

wow 3awart galbi ! 9aaj Hamad yom gal laat7erni! el views 3awar galb.. t7s baraaaaaaaad !
pumkinah its Lufthansa Airline.. a7la airline ever .. alah yany walhana 3la Germany.. Yousef Guten Morgen 😛 enjoy ur vecation 🙂

2 06 2008

I will join you there after 45 days, remember to go to Globus restaurant (in tha back side) and get a chocolate crape…. ebtad3eely

Enjoy the fast internet over there , oo alah ye3eenek 3ala malaqat el fransiyeen

Please post what is in new in the area

2 06 2008

7emdelah 3ala el salamah yousef 🙂 o zain enek nemnt bel re7lah

2 06 2008

Bu Ya3goub .. Hoping that you would enjoy your time over there, loving the scenes really, and your camera shots are getting better, “something to boost your spirit” 😛

Enjoy Bro.

2 06 2008

7emdellla 3ala salamah !!! have fun !!

2 06 2008

3alaik bel 3afya, we R waiting for your best shots

2 06 2008

yal kalb shawagtny. 3alaik bil 3afya. (mashallah incase it7aty 😉 )

2 06 2008

gute reise! Hurry back, and getlots of amazing shots!

2 06 2008

7imdillah 3la el salamah 🙂 Allah ywaniskom bel3afia.

2 06 2008

7imdila 3al salama ;p

la7geeenik very soon

and u guys check ur blog email !! help a fellow blogger out PLEASE

2 06 2008

mmmmmmmm … shawagtone … 3ala el safar o genava ya 7alat.ha walah … by the way shne camertak.coz i like it mmmmmmm abe camera chetheeeeeeee . 7ag al sef

2 06 2008
Rose Gold

Atwaqa3 el9oraw ra7 ten6a2… le2ana oby tawa rada men geneva o kan m9awer with my sony digital camera ( 3adeya jedan) o kanat el9owar khayaaaaaaaal thif 3ala hatha oby kan bas echak chek ya3ny mako shay esma fan ta9wir 🙂
so I’m waiting for your pictures

3 06 2008

agoooooool tra en 9ar feeek shy tra mn 3ain.. aaaaa :P:P hehehe
mashalaaah tuf tuf tuf 😛

3 06 2008

tseer w terja3 bel salameh.. enjoy the crepes 3nd il lake, the food, the movies in balaxert, the shopping… and the road trips ! 🙂

3 06 2008

pumkinah Allah ysalmich 🙂 its Luf6anza

Hamad 6afak 3ad ams re7na milan o ibradatna maraina turin o rekabna mont blanc 😛

Sunshine …. sorry? lol

ShoOoSh Gutten morgen! luf6anza kanaw zaineen awwal ilre7la bs il connection flight was horrible. coincidently it was after I posted this post… I’m blaming Sunshine^

9k2hn eeee yemde7oona! I’ll give it a try. they use nutella right? Na6reeenkom 🙂

INM Allah ysalmik 🙂 ee wallah nimt zay il2ateel 🙂

hespeaks Thanks a lot 🙂

loco Allah isalmik 🙂

Bo3zeez Allah y3afeek mashkoor o inshallah ba7ik ilcamera 7akkkkkkk! 🙂

ROUDANO lol! mashallah huh? we’ll see 😛 wallah in9ar shay da3ait 3alaik!

inlxpatr lol I had to use a dictionary to decipher gute reise 😛 Thanks and I will 😀

Technogal Mashkoora Allah i3afeech 🙂

um-mit3ib Madry laish minziman a7is ina isloobich mo ‘3areeb 3alay. MINZIMAN! 😛 inzain regarding the email, if its something related to technology then I’ll tell Mishary to take care of it. 🙂

toot Geneve 3ajeeba My camera is Canon 450D.

Rose Gold hehehe akeed te6la3 7ilwa 9war obooch coz ya3ny sij hnee kilmokan igool izod 3indy!

pumkinah LOL 7aram 3alaich.. mashallah 😀

dots… balexert! I thought no one knew about that hidden mall 😛 Thanks Allah isalmich 🙂

6 06 2008

hahaha true

i used to play with u when we were kids i think .. or was it ur brother;p ?

and yes its technology related;p let Mishary yista3yel :p

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