Cat From Hell

5 06 2008

Posted By Yousef

I hate cats. They make me sneeze a 1000 sneeze per second and my eye itches whenever I’m close to one of them. Now I wonder what would’ve happened to the girl filming if the cage’s door suddenly swung wide open? 😛




10 responses

5 06 2008

loool hathy mo 9a7ya keeleesh 😛

5 06 2008

That’s terrible.
It looks like the poor cat was really traumatized by some evil human and it is only reacting in the way it should.
The girl who took the clip is mean.

5 06 2008

It will take a long time to teach that sweet cat to trust again. We don’t know what it has endured to make it so fearful of the camera and lights.

Different cats have different allergy factors – I cannot be around Siamese cats, for example, and my husband can be around cats, but has to wash his hands before touching his eyes, always. He had never been around cats until we got married, and now, he is the perfect cat-daddy. 😉

5 06 2008

Owwww my ears ! the volume was turned up : /

i’m not that in to cats but i don’t hate them either ! we have two cats (male and female) and the female just delivered 6 cute kittens : ) want one Yousef ? : P

5 06 2008

i don’t like cat

5 06 2008

dayman eyshabhoon elbanat belcats welshabab bel dogs …

etha hal shay 9a7 .. shraykom nit5ayyal ebnayyah teshbah halcat!!!!!

la la la …. sorry 3alfikrah … hawwant ma abi at5ayyal shay :S!!

5 06 2008
ankastre fırın


5 06 2008

i hate cats !! and this one alot 😛 etkhare3 chenha 7ayah m3a hl teeth !! oo chenha asad 3la hl 9rakh !

6 06 2008

i think cats in general are not grateful for their masters , unlike dogs .

6 06 2008

Brain deficiency shock or birth defection poor meyawo

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