What Kind of Fruit/Vegetable is This?

6 06 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Found this Fruit/vegetable in our co-op .. any one knows what is it? sweet? salty?

Thanks INM




6 responses

6 06 2008

Pretty much it’s dragon fruit.

6 06 2008
Om FasoOoL

Its a far east fruit called Dragon fruit. Its pink from outside and when you cut it its white with small black poppy seeds inside. It sometimes but rarely has red pulp. Its eaten chilled and peeled off the skin.

6 06 2008
Rafeek Inani

The wife says it’s some kinda Chinese fruit called dragon something! It looks scary though 😀

6 06 2008

Hmm ..I’ve never seen this before !
thank u om Fasoool for the info. 😉

6 06 2008

i thought yosif post this .. i never saw this in our co-op … jrbooha oo etha 7ilwa khbroona khnjrebha

3 11 2009

This dragon fruit will get sweet when it’s getting mature.

Try that


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