The Firefox Pledge

4 06 2008

Posted By Yousef

Firefox are planning to set a Guinness World Record by orchestrating a download day for their much anticipated (not by me) Firefox 3. You can go to their website and read more about it, and maybe participate in the pledge yourself and sign up for a reminder. I did. Not sure why, knowing that I don’t use firefox… I think I just wanted to be part of this thing! 😀

Up to now There are 244 Kuwaiti pledges.

Thanks Pure.



23 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Mac Users, this is a nice program if you want to convert RM to MP3. Its simple and easy to use, it barely has an interface (you can’t get any simpler). All you have to do is, take the song’s link, drag and drop it in this software and it’ll do the rest. It takes an average of 40-50 secs to convert a song.

The only thing that may annoy you is the the need for an internet connection for it to work.

The download link can be found in this site.

ANM’s Birthday Gifts

19 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Today was ANM’s birthday .. i decided to drag her into Mac world! just to let her know what it feeels like to be a mac owner! (poor windows users) so me & my wife decided to do a little surprise in this birthday 😛 and my wife came with a brilliant idea!

Which is wrapping the macbook with a peace of fabric and on top of we put some paper shreds so that the macbook will be completely covered and not be seen, and then on top of that we put perfumes and bokhoor and mobkhar.

Here is the final look of the box when its opened .. No a single clue that the macbook is in the bottom! 😛

Now when it comes to wrapping i wont say anything just that simply my wife is a PROFITIONAL in gift wrapping.

HNM’s gift .. Also wrapped by my wife.

INM’s gift.. i think girls will know this where is this gift from and even what it is 😛

Now guys what do u think ANM’s reaction was after opening our gift?! well, she flashed a fake smile with a fake “wow”, thanked us and went ahead to open INM’s and HNM’s gifts with a Huge real WOWs!

After that I suggested that they go get ready to have dinner in the Avenues (to let her really lose hope), before we went out of the door i told to her to take her stuff to her room and she said was like “Okay..”. and while she’s grabbing the perfumes i decided to help her out a bit.. so that i uncover the macbook by mistake ya3ni 3eshtaw bakoon chenaa madreeey!! 😛 so i grabbed it and did it. and her reaction was priceless.. she SCREAMED! “A MACBOOK?!!!! For ME?! i knew it i knew it that the perfumes were not a real gift” then started crying! Laish madrey?!!! 😛 Bs sij it was a hell of a fun!

Anyway Happy birthday ANM and we wish u all the best 😛

A New Sign For The Upcoming 3G iPhone

11 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Today i was checking Apple store, both the 8GB and 16GB models are “Currently Unavailable”. There’s no indication of whether this is merely a case of stock mis-management or a sign that a new iPhone is fast approaching. Hope this is a new indication of the new 3G iPhone Bs still im in love with my Curve 😛




Re-design Your MacBook

30 04 2008

Posted By Mishary.

A few months ago INM decided to add some flavor to his MB so he did some search and ended up in this site which specialized in laptop avatars, or laptop skins as some call it. They have many categories like nature, sports among others. He decided to go with the zebra and this is what he got.

Its a real nice sticker for the back of your laptop’s screen, printed in a real high quality material. esara7a i didnt expect it to look this good. it looked like it was fixed there by a professional.

For more info and to order click HERE.

Thanks INM.

Apple’s iMac Refreshed

28 04 2008

Posted By Yousef

“Apple on Monday updated its iMac family with the latest Intel Core 2 Duo Penryn mobile processors and the most powerful graphics ever available in the all-in-one desktop line.

With prices starting at just $1,199, the new iMacs also include 6MB L2 cache, a faster 1066 MHz front-side bus, and 2GB of memory standard in most models (expandable to 4GB).”

Read more on AppleInsider.

Zain’s Ego & The Correct Port Number

28 04 2008

Posted By Yousef

Its the port number! Change the port number!

I called Zain many times even went to their branches and talked to lots of sales agents and their technical support department.. All with no luck of finding a solution to the not being able to receive emails through email clients (Outlook, Mail…etc) problem.

This weekend when we were talking about this problem, Hamad told me something about changing the port, then Khalid told me that he’s been using Ego with no such problem, He also said something about the port number. Finally he gave me the port number he’s been using and.. just like that.. it worked!

My Gmail, Mac and personal domain all worked with outgoing server port #587. 😀

Thanks a lot Khalid!

Note: If this doesn’t help, you will most probably find This post helpful.