Janet Jackson Calls Fans

31 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Janet Replies to the people who have left her a message and starts calling them on their phones. Some people’s reactions were hilarious! CLICK HERE to listen to this guy who’s been a fan for over 22 years and just got a call from her. priceless reaction 😛

Click here to listen to the rest of the messages.


Alanis Morissette – Flavors Of Entanglement

27 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

I’m not a big fan of Alanis Morissette I just like listening to her debut album every now and then. I think she wrote great songs on that album, and she seemed to have lots of potential especially if she wrote that many hits for her debut, you’d think with the success she’s had that year and how hungry she seemed for success, she’d become a hit machine. But she released many albums after that one that did nothing to me, I liked non of them, maybe just a couple of singles and her unplugged album, but not a single album came close to her debut imo.

With this new album things are different, I don’t know what she’s doing differently, but I find her interesting again. I like atleast 3 songs up to know and my favorite being Underneath & Moratorium.

Listen to Underneath:

The album should drop on the 10th of June.

John Mayer – Say

22 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

I’m loving this song at the moment.

[AUDIO https://somecontrast.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/01-say.mp3%5D

John Mayer’s Blog.

Mariah Got Hitched

8 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Rumors have been circulating in the media all through last week about this surprise wedding. Now its confirmed, she got married to Nick Cannon, and who’s a better source of confirmation than the big O herself?

To watch today’s episode of Oprah where she and her friends discuss the marriage, Click here.

I knew something would get in my way of seeing Mariah in Dubai. I just knew. Now watch her cancel the show and the promoters refund our money.


Just as predicted, the concert got canceled and they’re refunding our money.

Mario Kart Arrived From NY

8 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Yes, it arrived yesterday with the wheel too! what can i say?! Hmmm.. I have been a fan of Mario Kart ever since it first came out. Before this game came out, the best one, hands down was Mario Kart 64. This game takes the Game Cube version, improves it, and adds all of the elements that made the game famous in the first place.

The wheel is a great toss in, and is fun to play with, and the response is much more accurate than expected. Even better is that you can go online and play different people from around the world in versus mode or battle mode. This is so much fun when you don’t have someone you can play with at home… all you have to do is go online and you can play whoever you want. If you have a friend that has a Wii you can add their friend code and race each other too.

My Score:
Graphics – 4.5
Audio – 5
Replay – 5
Fun – 5
Controls – 5

Overall 5/5 (its a must for a wii owner!)

The venue is selling out

5 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

I was told that the tickets are selling out, especially the better ones. Thankfully we, I mean loco, managed to buy us 2 tickets. I hope everything goes well coz there are unsettling rumors going around and canceled appearances on BET, TRL and The View, I just hope she makes it to Dubai.

If you’re planning on getting good tickets, book through the internet coz they’re sold out in most outlets in Dubai.

Source: loco

FYI: Mariah & Fergie’s Concerts in Dubai

1 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

If you’re thinking of attending Mariah or Fergie’s concerts in Dubai on the 15th and 16th of May, respectively, then you should sign up for the tickets right now and get on that waitlist they’ve put up. I’m not sure why they’re offering a waitlist option for those events, usually waitlists are for unconfirmed events.. wait a minute.. *Gasps*

Anyway, Here is the LINK, go reserve your tickets and they’ll contact you as soon as they become available for sale.

buona fortuna Y’all 😛