Cat From Hell

5 06 2008

Posted By Yousef

I hate cats. They make me sneeze a 1000 sneeze per second and my eye itches whenever I’m close to one of them. Now I wonder what would’ve happened to the girl filming if the cage’s door suddenly swung wide open? 😛


An Online Recipes Site

30 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

i found this site ewasfat which i think is pretty good and helpful for those of you who love to cook. Its an online recipes source, they claim that they have more than 1000 recipes. Most of the recipes are from the Arabian cuisine.


Thanks 9K2HN

Mouse In The Frozen Meat Section

29 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Note: At first I thought this incident happened in Kuwait, But I just read on another blog that it might’ve happened in the UAE. We don’t know where it happened, just enjoy the video, feel disgusted and move on! 😛

Thanks Tareq.

The Cockroach Tan

27 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Last saturday I took a dip in the sea. The sun was as big as the sky, or so it seemed. The water was cold, I don’t know why I thought the water would be much warmer. Before I got out I rode the banana with 2 other guys. Its funny how one minute you’re chilling in the sea and next you’re on this huge inflated banana trying your best to hold on to dear life! But, yeah, I was the first to fall after the longest 5 minutes ever and To this second my leg hurts. mako layaqa. 🙂

Some of the guys I know really think they could get a nice tan in the summer, they use different kind of tanning creams to get that perfect tan, which never happens 😛 The idea makes me laugh really.. So, let me break it down to you. Average Kuwaiti guys when exposed to the sun for longer than an hour tend to end up looking like cockroaches lol don’t deceive yourselves into thinking otherwise.. ok? 😛

Bad Sun! Bad!

21 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

This is what I get for Parking less than an hour under the sun. I could barely breathe when I got in the car!

Thumpin’ Thumpin’ Thumpin’

18 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Yeah its gone. I went to the dentist today around 9 ish and thought I was there for just another drill & fill job, but the doctor seemed to have other plans for me, He drilled, wizzzed and hammered for half an hour then gave me a mirror. I marveled at my shiny new tooth for a second, then he took the mirror away and started all over again.

I didn’t know he was planning on taking my wisdom tooth today! He never told me! All he said was that we’re going to keep the wise teeth till last. But anyway, I wasn’t about to put up a fight, I wanted to get rid of that tooth specifically (long history) so I agreed and let him start. I thought it would take more time coz wisdom teeth got a reputation to live up to! but no, all it took was less than a minute and it was out. Although I think my heart stopped more than once during that minute, I think it went pretty well. Its still thumping though.

All the way back home I was really mad that no one mentioned the possibility of getting stitches. No one told me!

Now I have to watch what I eat, no real food for 24 hours, plenty of ice cream, no hot drinks and always rinse gently. I just took 2 panadols and 1 other great pain killer (Mefac). I’m not feeling real pain at the moment thankGod.

I’m So Hungry

15 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

I’m so hungry its not even funny. I’m gonna be cooking me some pasta for dinner, plain old white creamy pasta with chicken and topped with Kuwait’s favorite cheese.. kraft! Thats how much I’m hungry. The post’s sole purpose is to make you all as hungry as I am right now 😈

^ If you’re reading.. tara I need the patties’ recipe.. please? 😀

Mission Accomplished! 😈