We’ve Got Mangos

31 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Yes we have them! We have some mango trees in our home and yesterday INM spotted some mangos in them. I didn’t know that some day they might give us some mangos.. especially with our kid of nearly 50’s degrees’ weather!

Anyway thanks INM.


Getting to Know the Macro Lens

28 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Place: Our house
Time: 1:30 pm
Temperature: 46˚
Lens: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro.

Click on the images to view the bigger versions.

Yeah and I did experiment a little with photoshop. Hope you like them 🙂

Old Ahmadi House

27 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Few days ago i got this email from INM telling me that these pics was taken long ago (i dont know the year exactly) when the KOC (Kuwait Oil Company) was operated by BP (British Petroleum).

They were distributing those houses for their employees and one of them was this British guy who have taken some pics of his family.

What i want to show you is how LOVELY and beautiful the house was. Check out how they are so organized

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ARAMEX Now Offering K-NET

25 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Today INM received a couple of packages from aramex with a total bill of KD21.750 so he gave the driver KD30, the driver went to his car and came back and asked INM if he had any change, he didn’t and it’s kinda not his problem, I mean if you dont have change then make the bill like KD20 and then ther wont’ be a need for the change! 😛 But then the driver asked if its ok to pay using Knet, W didn’t know they can use Knet! So INM went ahead and paid him.

They started this service for almost 3 months ago. I hope they add this service online also o neftaak men USWS!

Thanks INM

New Kind Of Hangers

24 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Didnt you always wonder where to store your belts?! from now on you can store them with these new hangers 🙂

You can buy them from HERE & HERE and they’re gonna cost you KD2 & KD3 respectively.

Which One To Choose?

23 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Yesterday me & my wife went to A’ayan to get a new car for our driver, our priorities are the following:

  • Rental car (coz we want a full insured car plus free service)
  • Economic car.
  • Small to medium size.
  • looks pretty (My wife’s priority 🙂 )

So we ended up with these two models:

Nissan Altima

initial deposit: KD300

Monthly payments: KD130

Honda Accord

Initial deposit: KD350

Monthly payments: KD135

Since i don’t have any experience before with Honda and Nissan i would like to ask you guys which one should I go for?

ANM’s Birthday Gifts

19 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Today was ANM’s birthday .. i decided to drag her into Mac world! just to let her know what it feeels like to be a mac owner! (poor windows users) so me & my wife decided to do a little surprise in this birthday 😛 and my wife came with a brilliant idea!

Which is wrapping the macbook with a peace of fabric and on top of we put some paper shreds so that the macbook will be completely covered and not be seen, and then on top of that we put perfumes and bokhoor and mobkhar.

Here is the final look of the box when its opened .. No a single clue that the macbook is in the bottom! 😛

Now when it comes to wrapping i wont say anything just that simply my wife is a PROFITIONAL in gift wrapping.

HNM’s gift .. Also wrapped by my wife.

INM’s gift.. i think girls will know this where is this gift from and even what it is 😛

Now guys what do u think ANM’s reaction was after opening our gift?! well, she flashed a fake smile with a fake “wow”, thanked us and went ahead to open INM’s and HNM’s gifts with a Huge real WOWs!

After that I suggested that they go get ready to have dinner in the Avenues (to let her really lose hope), before we went out of the door i told to her to take her stuff to her room and she said was like “Okay..”. and while she’s grabbing the perfumes i decided to help her out a bit.. so that i uncover the macbook by mistake ya3ni 3eshtaw bakoon chenaa madreeey!! 😛 so i grabbed it and did it. and her reaction was priceless.. she SCREAMED! “A MACBOOK?!!!! For ME?! i knew it i knew it that the perfumes were not a real gift” then started crying! Laish madrey?!!! 😛 Bs sij it was a hell of a fun!

Anyway Happy birthday ANM and we wish u all the best 😛