Moving To WordPress.ORG

3 06 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Couple days ago me and Yousef decided to transfer our blog to so that we get more control and options on our blog but Yousef faced some issues such as the old posts?! How could we transfer them .. (( i mean the text and pictures)) coz now i think the only way we could is to transfer the text and uploading the pics manually for the old posts which will takes ages! So any one tried it? i mean to transfer from .COM to .ORG? whats the steps? and for the hosting we’re considering DreamHost.

We appreciate your help guys 😛


In Frankfurt Airport

2 06 2008

Posted By Yousef

I’m in frankfurt airport right now and waiting for my next flight to geneva. The flight took off as scheduled and was real smooth flight. I usually can’t sleep when i’m traveling, but this time I was asleep as soon as they turned off the lights. I remember thinking why can’t I sleep like every other person in the world! then it…. blurred… Zzzz… Breakfast! Thats it. Thats all I remember. I woke up, ate breakfast and took some photos and we landed.

The next flight is an hour and 10 minutes away, it should be a short flight, maybe an hour .

From now on and till I return to Kuwait, I’ll be posting from wherever I’m at. Nothing will change regarding my posting patterns, Maybe more colorful photos and better scenes 😛 but thats about it. Can’t wait to really use my camera.

Mariah Got Hitched

8 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Rumors have been circulating in the media all through last week about this surprise wedding. Now its confirmed, she got married to Nick Cannon, and who’s a better source of confirmation than the big O herself?

To watch today’s episode of Oprah where she and her friends discuss the marriage, Click here.

I knew something would get in my way of seeing Mariah in Dubai. I just knew. Now watch her cancel the show and the promoters refund our money.


Just as predicted, the concert got canceled and they’re refunding our money.

The venue is selling out

5 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

I was told that the tickets are selling out, especially the better ones. Thankfully we, I mean loco, managed to buy us 2 tickets. I hope everything goes well coz there are unsettling rumors going around and canceled appearances on BET, TRL and The View, I just hope she makes it to Dubai.

If you’re planning on getting good tickets, book through the internet coz they’re sold out in most outlets in Dubai.

Source: loco

Bayt Lothan 8th annual photography exhibition

4 05 2008

Posted by Yousef

Tomorrow, the 5th of May, a photography exhibition will be held in Bayt Lothan till the 15th of this month. If I’m not mistaken this is an open invitation for the public. Have anyone gone before? I’m thinking of going.

Bayt Lothan’s website

Thanks INM.

FYI: Mariah & Fergie’s Concerts in Dubai

1 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

If you’re thinking of attending Mariah or Fergie’s concerts in Dubai on the 15th and 16th of May, respectively, then you should sign up for the tickets right now and get on that waitlist they’ve put up. I’m not sure why they’re offering a waitlist option for those events, usually waitlists are for unconfirmed events.. wait a minute.. *Gasps*

Anyway, Here is the LINK, go reserve your tickets and they’ll contact you as soon as they become available for sale.

buona fortuna Y’all 😛

Mariah Carey Live In Dubai

30 04 2008

Posted By Yousef

Mariah is doing a concert in Dubai in around 2 weeks, on the 15th of May to be specific, followed by a concert by Fergie on the 16th.

“Music fans can enjoy a double helping of diva in Dubai with confirmed concert dates for the world’s number one-selling female artist Mariah Carey and former Black Eyed Peas Fergie.

Universal Music has this week confirmed the world-renowned artists will perform at Dubai Festival City with back-to-back concerts on May 15 and 16.

Promoting her new album, E=MC², which this week hit the top of the Billboard charts, Carey will perform first on Thursday, May 15, followed by Fergie the following evening.

Ticket prices have not yet been announced but are expected to go on sale online at either or from tomorrow.

Rebecca Brianceau, of Universal, Dubai, said the label was extremely excited to be bringing two such wonderful artists to Dubai back-to-back. “We are so excited about the concerts and cannot wait to welcome the ladies to the UAE. We are expecting great things on both nights.”

The venue holds a capacity crowd of 15,000 and tickets for both concerts are expected to sell out in a matter of days.”

As of now, if all went well and nothing serious stood in my way, I’ll be going o chinnnnnnaa il3eeeeeeed! 😀

Source: MD & Gulf News