Moving To WordPress.ORG

3 06 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Couple days ago me and Yousef decided to transfer our blog to so that we get more control and options on our blog but Yousef faced some issues such as the old posts?! How could we transfer them .. (( i mean the text and pictures)) coz now i think the only way we could is to transfer the text and uploading the pics manually for the old posts which will takes ages! So any one tried it? i mean to transfer from .COM to .ORG? whats the steps? and for the hosting we’re considering DreamHost.

We appreciate your help guys 😛


Mouse In The Frozen Meat Section

29 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Note: At first I thought this incident happened in Kuwait, But I just read on another blog that it might’ve happened in the UAE. We don’t know where it happened, just enjoy the video, feel disgusted and move on! 😛

Thanks Tareq.

Take Care Of Your Phone

27 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Be aware of mobile thieves. It happened to someone I know.

Thank you Taymoor.

Medium Means Well-Done in Kuwait

22 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

We went to Nino and ordered 2 of their certified angus beef, and we asked for a medium cook. we got 2 well done steaks instead. My friend started eating his and I returned mine. after waiting 10 more minutes I got a rare steak.. so I sent it back again. My friend was half way through his steak when they finally brought my medium cooked steak.

Things I don’t understand:

1- Why do restaurants always hear welldone when I say medium?
2- Why do restaurants punish customers who return steaks?
3- why did my friend eat his well done steak when his original order was a medium steak?
4- if it doesn’t really matter what kind of steak he ends up eating, why then did he specify?
5- How come I return my dish twice and end up eating after my friend’s done eating and get nothing more than a little lame apology from the waiter?
6- Why are people considered difficult when they refuse to eat things they did not order?

If we all became indifferent to what kind of steaks we end up eating then the whole steak-cooking system would become obsolete! I won’t let that happen! 😛

Bad Sun! Bad!

21 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

This is what I get for Parking less than an hour under the sun. I could barely breathe when I got in the car!

The Mall is For Families

21 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Al Muhallab Mall

From 10am till 5pm. I had to convince the security guard that I have a doctor’s appointment and show him a proof. Yet the girls, even if they’re by themselves, can go in and out with no problems at all.

A Dentist A Day Keeps The Apples Away

13 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

I went to the dentist yesterday. I was really expecting the worst. But before going into that I just want to say something OT. The security didn’t let me in at first and told me the Mall is for families only. He didn’t let me in till I told him repeatedly that I have doctor’s appointment. And I was very angry when I saw a girl walking outta the mall all by herself with no husband and no parents! Now let me ask you this, since when a girl all by herself is considered a family? and when its a guy he’s considered what? a threat!? Its a stupid rule enforced by stupid people, agreed on by even stupider people leading ultimately to the stupidification of society in general.

He let me in eventually.

I went in, there was a bunch of girls there with burqas sitting in a cafe looking and smiling at the guys near them. other girls with burqas swaying around the mall followed with admiring gazes. another crowd near the cafe with a girl who just passed out. I think her friends thought she suddenly fell asleep, coz all they did was tap her face frantically and call her name, then they pulled her from her hands lol and dragged her out of people’s way. sorry, but it was hilarious.

Anyway. I went to the clinic and waited for less than 10 minutes. The doctor was very friendly and almost a human. I told him that I want my 4 wisdom teeth taken out and a real thorough check up. He took a look in and then said “the wisdom teeth can wait. there are other teeth i’m more concerned about.” yalahwy!

Since there were lots of things that needed attention, we decided to start fixin’ the teeth based on priority. He started with the fillings. and did a real good job so far. He said we need a very concentrated schedule for the next 3 weeks. 😀

Things that surprised me (keep in mind that it was over 10 years since my last dentist encounter):

– for the x rays all he did was stick a piece of rubber in my mouth and point a hose-like object at my cheek and =click= we were done! I remember a simpler times when we had to go to the other room and wear bullet proof vests in order to do the x rays.

-When he said the word anesthesia. something in my mind went “SAY SOMETHING!” and I found myself smiling at the doctor and blabbering some words i don’t understand. The doctor then assured me that i won’t feel a thing. He took a Q-tip, put some pink gel on it and rubbed it near my tooth, a minute later that place near my tooth was numb, so when he injected me with that awfully big needle, I didn’t feel a thing. no pain whatsoever.

-A big hole was dug in my tooth and a big filling was put in and I didn’t feel a thing and I was able to drink and eat afterwards with no troubles at all. (see previous post 😛 ) Mashallah.

Overall, I was really glad that dentistry have advanced lol I was expecting a real pain and a very bleak experience…. But then again, I think I shouldn’t be all joyous and celebratory, I haven’t really gotten my wisdom teeth out, yet.