M.O.C Banned Skype?!

3 06 2008

Posted By Mishary.

i was reading Al-qabas news paper and found out that M.O.C is trying to ban Skype in Kuwait .. So i went to my phone and did some calls to the US but it’s still working! Has anyone any problem with his Skype account?!



AlShamiya Co-op Sells Skype Credit?

31 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

We were at the barber today and I told my cousin about Skype and how we can use the software to talk to each others while I’m away through audio chat and how its a good software for chatting…etc. Then someone there told my cousin that they sell skype credits in Alshamiya Co-op. For those of you who use this program but can’t buy credits online coz of their credit cards not being american issued, this info could really be helpful, if proved to be true. He said just go to Alshamiya co-op and ask for the skype cards and they’ll tell you where to find em.

Can anyone confirm this info? And can Skype credits be bought anywhere else in Kuwait?


Is This A New Mall in Hawally?

26 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Its in Hawally near alqadsiya stadium.


It’s the new Sultan Center.

Which One To Choose?

23 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Yesterday me & my wife went to A’ayan to get a new car for our driver, our priorities are the following:

  • Rental car (coz we want a full insured car plus free service)
  • Economic car.
  • Small to medium size.
  • looks pretty (My wife’s priority 🙂 )

So we ended up with these two models:

Nissan Altima

initial deposit: KD300

Monthly payments: KD130

Honda Accord

Initial deposit: KD350

Monthly payments: KD135

Since i don’t have any experience before with Honda and Nissan i would like to ask you guys which one should I go for?

Medium Means Well-Done in Kuwait

22 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

We went to Nino and ordered 2 of their certified angus beef, and we asked for a medium cook. we got 2 well done steaks instead. My friend started eating his and I returned mine. after waiting 10 more minutes I got a rare steak.. so I sent it back again. My friend was half way through his steak when they finally brought my medium cooked steak.

Things I don’t understand:

1- Why do restaurants always hear welldone when I say medium?
2- Why do restaurants punish customers who return steaks?
3- why did my friend eat his well done steak when his original order was a medium steak?
4- if it doesn’t really matter what kind of steak he ends up eating, why then did he specify?
5- How come I return my dish twice and end up eating after my friend’s done eating and get nothing more than a little lame apology from the waiter?
6- Why are people considered difficult when they refuse to eat things they did not order?

If we all became indifferent to what kind of steaks we end up eating then the whole steak-cooking system would become obsolete! I won’t let that happen! 😛

The American Concierge

15 05 2008

Posted By Yousef

Mustafa mentioned this new service in his comment on my ‘Aramex: Shop & Wait’ post and I’d like to share the comment with you guys.

His comment:

“Everyone… I found a solution! and you don’t have to leave ARAMEX.
I just subscribed to The American Concierge, they do almost anything for overseas customers, ANYTHING… They charge you a monthly membership, but believe me it’s worth it, you get your money back in no time. they even hand delivered my package to ARAMEX in NY and gave me a tracking number right away.
so far..so good”

Excerpt from their site:

At The American Concierge … almost anything you need in the US can be done through us.
As a brand new company, your subscription cost is just $89.99 a month which allows you up to 10 personal requests.

For the first year, we offer services to any country in the world, saving you money on customs and other transport fees.

We work with all courier services: FEDEX, USPS, UPS, DHL, ARAMEX, etc…

I for one don’t think I’ll need anything that would justify that price tag since most of the things I need I can easily get off amazon. Rarely do I need anything from somewhere else. But If anyone knows anything or have subscribed to this service, please tell us more about it.

どうしてそんなに好奇心旺盛ですか? 😀


Abdulkareem Abdulqader Passed Away?

13 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Just got sms telling that he passed away, any one can confirm it?


Om FasoOoL among others have said that its just a rumor.

Edited By Yousef

I called someone who works there and he said up to now its just a rumor and if anything happens He’ll inform me. Abdulkareem, may he recover soon, has been sick for a while now and been in the hospital in the ICU for over a week. He’s suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. its a chronic illness that leads to respiratory failure, which basically is a lung failure.