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30 05 2008

Posted By Mishary.

i found this site ewasfat which i think is pretty good and helpful for those of you who love to cook. Its an online recipes source, they claim that they have more than 1000 recipes. Most of the recipes are from the Arabian cuisine.


Thanks 9K2HN


Recipe | Basbosa Wannabe

16 04 2008

Posted By Yousef

Remember ages ago I posted about that basbosa lookalike? the “Baked With Love” post?

Here is the full, extra easy, recipe!

Stage 1

Ingredients for the topping (sheera)

-3/4 Cup of water.
-1/2 Cup of sugar.
-1/4 Tea Sp. Cardamom powder.
-1/4 Tea Sp. Saffron.

Bring the water to boil, add the other ingredients. mix well until the sugar dissolves. keep aside to cool.

Stage 2


-2 Lebanese Bread. (its the white bread from Kuwait flour Mills & Bakeries Co).
-1/2 a cup of sugar.
-3/4 cup of milk.
-3/4 cup corn oil.
-3 Eggs.
-1 Tea Sp. Baking powder.
-1/2 Tea Sp. Cardamom powder.
-1/2 Tea Sp. Saffron.
-1/4 Tea Sp. Salt.

Put them all in a blender.

Saffron and Cardamom.

The Baking Powder

Hmm.. maybe some more Saffron.

Mix well then pour it into this baking dish (thank you dots…)

Decorate with some nuts (Skippable)

Pop it in the oven for 30 minutes on 350 degrees. If its an electric oven then set it to 180 degrees. 

Once its done, take it out, pour the cold topping (sheera) while the cake is still hot. And Enjoy it! 😀

Note: Don’t let the lebanese bread deceive you, you won’t believe how good it tastes 😛