Review: Copthorne Hotel Dubai

19 02 2008

Posted By Yousef


I was looking around for hotel rooms in Dubai in the range of $300 a night. and it seemed as though I’ve asked for something out of the ordinary! Even when I called the travel agency the guy almost didn’t take me seriously. I checked expedia for hotels’ rates and got shocked! Rooms are going for $500 and $850 a night?! regular rooms not suites! This means If I stayed for the 5 days, I would’ve spent 2 Macbooks worth of money! 😛

I lived in this country for so long and asked for rates so many times for friends and relatives, but never really thought about the prices. Prices are very real when I’m the one on the spending end! lol

Anyway, finally the travel agency found me this nice new hotel. Copthorne Hotel, Located near Deira City Center, over looking Dubai’s Creek. the hotel is part of Millennium Hotels group.

This is My room (Booked a junior suite coz all the rooms were gone)


This is the sitting area (not allowed to sit in the bedroom.. gotta follow the rules)


The pool area


Overall, and up to now, For 80Kd per night, I think it was an excellent choice and (Father’s) money well spent. The staff are friendly and attentive. Spacious rooms. Big Plasma screens and free high-speed internet.

I give them 4/5. I would’ve given them a better rating if it wasn’t for the Hotel’s ugly exterior and lobby.


The Trip From Dubai to Kuwait

8 01 2008

Posted By Yousef


It was one interesting ride from Dubai to Kuwait! it took us 11.5 hours to enter the Kuwaiti borders. my friend INM and me got up yesterday at around 5:50am, we both took quick showers and headed out. we were on the highway on our way to abu dhabi by 7:15.

we reached UAE-Saudi borders by 11 o’clock. the guys at the border were very nice and friendly, we passed with no problems whatsoever.. we were very happy and relieved, and then the saudi border appeared…. I hate them! the way they talk, the way they look at you and the way they went through our bags. we were told to get the bags out and lay them on the bench. he looked in the car, opened every drawer and looked under everything, then took a look inside each one of our bags and then said something..

INM: here is the passport, you go, i’ll wait in the car.
Me: where? what did he say?
INM: he said he wants you to take a look at your laptop.
Me: Reallly? when? I didn’t hear him say that?
INM: no he did, he wants to take a look at your laptop.

I went there with my laptop and entered his office. 2 guys were in there, one sitting at a computer checking the passports and stuff and the other guy is sleeping. I said my Salam’s but nobody responded, so I said SALAM ALAIKOM! i woke up the sleeping beauty.. he took one look at me and left the room.. another guy came and started asking me questions:

Officer: open up the laptop & go to search….. (he was gazing at my screen like he’s never seen one before in his life)
Me: ok…
(1 minute went by and he’s just gazing with no expression on his face)
Me: you know this isn’t windows *pointing to the screen*.. this is Macintosh..
Officer: yes yes i know.. this is not windows.. this is VISTA! i know..
Me: no this is something else.. not windows… not Vista…..
Officer:……………….. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Officer: ok now tell me, what do you have in there?
Me: music, movies, some college projects…
Officer: no no lets be honest here, just tell me whats in there..
Me: as I said, i have music, lots of music files and some college related…
Officer: i want you to be honest
Me: I am being honest.. you won’t find what you’re looking for in my laptop
(he gave an awkward smile)
Officer: yakhoy latwakhethna a7na ma6loob minnnah ina infatesh.. bla bla bla
Me: no its ok, you’re doing your job.
Officer: you know what, just stay here for a while and then leave, lets pretend that I went through your laptop, but just don’t tell anybody.
Me: ok, sure, i won’t….. (we’ll see about that 😛 )

We entered Saudi Arabia and INM took over the wheel. we were expecting to get bored and exhausted but that didn’t happen (we slept like dead people when we got home 😀 ) but when were on the highway we were mostly happy.


INM didn’t want to eat anywhere (he is a bit picky… just a tiny bit), and i wanted to experience the cheap food.. you know the kind of food you eat when you’re with traveling with your friends.. the grilled chicken and saltless rice? those kind of nice cheap food? I wasn’t about to give up this part of the adventure! so we stopped at one of the restaurant that had “stomach ache” plastered all over it… 15 minutes later we were back on the highway and this time i’m back on the wheel.

2 hours later we were here 🙂


30 minutes later we were here 😀


we reached kuwait just as the sun disappeared.. it was a very nice trip. thanks INM 🙂

Traveling By Land For A Change

31 12 2007

Posted By Yousef


I’m currently having problems keeping up with my study plan. The finals are here! 3 down and 3 more to go.. Fun is not an option for me until the end of the next week. Inshallah I’m going to be done with the exams by the 5th of january.

My friend INM is coming over on the 6th to help me out with some stuff, and we’re going to head back to Kuwait Via land transportation for a change 😀 we’re going to drive back to Kuwait! this should be interesting! 2 guys with not so many things in common, locked in a car for 12 hours… I can’t wait!

The Midterm

7 12 2007

Posted By Yousef


140 slides to be studied within 2 days. i studied them and on the day of the exam i forgot them all 😀 how nice! Thank God the exam was done with yesterday and I only have to live with the consoling fact that EVERYONE else in the exam did as bad or worse as I did 😀

Pass the tissue, I need to write something!

21 11 2007

Posted By: Yousef


It is no secret that many of the best ideas are written down on a napkin in a moment of inspiration. Now you can keep the ideas flowing at all times thanks to this napkin/notebook. It even comes with its own pen for best results! Available soon, Link

just the idea of me not having to carry napkins in my pocket when I’m in class is worth every single $$!

I got this via email. Credit goes to INM 🙂

I missed a class!!

28 10 2007

Posted By: Yousef


and I intend to miss the next class as well. I have an exam tomorrow.. got to study.

you know the feeling of missing a class? you know when there is something you’re not supposed to do, and you end up doing it anyway? I love that feeling! but I hate it when the night comes and I start to think “I missed a class today!”. oh well, I’m gonna enjoy it for now, coz at night I’m going to be busy studying for tomorrow’s exam.