New Trend In Kuwait’s Elections?

25 04 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Yesterday i was in a training course in Hilton Almangaf. I was there by 8 am and when I reached the check point.. guess what?! i found a candidate’s headquarter in the resort itself!

I’m just wondering how much is the guy’s budget for the whole campaign?! his maqar was in front of the sea! 😛


Ibrah Designs

9 04 2008

Posted By Mishary.

When Me and the Wifey first got married we got this amazing gift from our friend. She also gave us the M&Ms I once wrote about (she designed that box too). She’s always been very creative and good at designing stuff. And now, She decided to dedicate her time and her ability to create things into starting a business of her own.

One of her gifts to us.

She created her own business and called it Ibrah (means Needle). She parterned with a Kuwaiti online shopping site called PowderTalk. They agreed to sell her stuff to the public. You can find the site HERE.

Something worth noting is that she does these pillows on her own. She has no employees or other helpers. She designs them and makes them from a scratch. And from what I’ve noticed, her material and use of colors are quite unique and durable. 
Some of the Ibrah designs you can buy online.

Link to PowderTalk

For International orders Click Here.

Rumor Alert: 120KD for February too?

7 04 2008

Posted By Yousef

Salary Increase

My friend just called and told that they’re going to pay you, you poor working force of Kuwait, the 120 KD salary increase for both March and February. And April is going to be paid when April’s salary is due.

Up to now its nothing but a Reliable rumor. My friend got the tip from a “reliable source” as he put it.

Thanks Taymoor for the tip. (Now you know whom to pray against if this bshara doesn’t come true 😛 )

I just saw the news on Alwatan Tv. The Minister of finance said that the salary increase will be paid at the end of April and it will include Aprils due amount and March’s retroactively. No mentions of february. 😀

New Fuel Type in KNPC Stations

7 04 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Today me & Ali were coming back from work and Ali found a new type of petrol machines in the KNPC station. Its located between Mishref and Bayan. He was wondering about new colors so i left my car and went to the employees who were installing it and asked them a couple of questions. I found out that they are introducing 2 more types of fuel, dedicated to our SUPER RICH people for their Super cars.

They are defined as following:

  • Pink Color – Name: Ultra Euro – Cost: 120 Fils/Liter.
  • Orange Color – Name: Ultra Diesel – Cost: 100 Fils/Liter.
  • Green Color – Name: Ultra Super – Cost: 90 Fils/Liter.

Actually the employees there said that they are facing a lot of problems installing the machines & that this station will be the first petrol station to offer these fuel types. So it might takes some time to run them across Kuwait.

Thanks for the picture Ali.

New Movable Seats

26 03 2008

Posted By Mishary.


Today on my way back from work, i noticed this HUGE truck! when i came closer i noticed that it carries bleachers for the elections! (modarajaat for entekhabaat)



Thery’e movable and you can move them whenever you want. if you want to take a look, they’re Mishref near the girls school.

NBK Canceled My Visa Card

20 03 2008

Posted By Yousef


I just got off the phone with NBK. they cancelled my Visa card coz “I have no stable source of income.” I don’t blame them, its the central bank’s rules (i used the word central twice in one day.. Yipppeee!). Anway, I began thinking of all the lovely times i spent with my credit card.. when it hit me!! I have money in there! a week or so ago i wanted to buy my laptop off so I went and put 800 kd in my credit card. and now its cancelled! Grrr

The guy from NBK put me on hold for a total time of 10 minutes and finally came back to tell me that I should go to my branch, take a credit card statement then go to NBK’s main branch, give them the statement and ask for a refund “it should take around 3 days from the day you ask for the refund.” And i should do all that on sunday coz they’re closed for the holiday today & the whole weekend.

I’m hating NBK at the moment.

Adventures Of A Doctor In Kuwait

16 03 2008

Posted By Yousef


It was just another day in one of Kuwait’s busiest hospitals. A woman came in with her 12 year old kid to see the Doctor. The kid’s been sick for 4 days the woman explained. She went on to say that He suffers from headache, Fever, Dizzy, Vomits a lot and has photophobia (can’t tolerate bright light).

The Doctor knew these symptoms, they were the symptoms of meningitis (sa7aya). He knew that the kid should remain in the hospital for further testings immediately.

Doctor: Look, I think your kid is suffering from meningitis. its a very serious disease and he should remain in the hospital so we can do some testings to identify, confirm and start treating the disease.
Mother: aha.. ok we’ll pass by tomorrow.

The Doctor got puzzled with the Mother’s cold reaction. He thought if he took her to another room, sat her down and talked to her enough, she might realize the magnitude of her child’s disease. So he did.

Doctor: You don’t understand. This is serious. We need to take blood samples, do lumbar puncture to extract some spinal fluids.. we’re also going to give him antibiotics through intravenous drip.
Mother: But maybe this is just an allergy and nothing serious.. we have a cat in the house and maybe.. you know..
Doctor: Are you listening to what I’m saying at all? I’m telling you this is not as simple as you might be thinking! He might suffer from several disabilities! He might get paralyzed! or even go into a comma before you know it! Not to mention that its contagious. You’re risking other people’s lives if you don’t let us begin treating him NOW. you’re risking too much, he actually might die!

The Mother looked at her kid

Kid: But Mom you promised me a breakfast in Marina Mall tomorrow!!!
Mother: Doctor, I can’t leave him today, we have a breakfast planned for tomorrow’s morning.. You know what, We might come back tomorrow in the afternoon 😀

The Doctor lost it

Doctor: Are you stupid? You must be stupid! Slow maybe?? I’m telling you your kid might die!!

Mother got offended and defensive.

Doctor: OK I don’t care! *bi6agag isheelkom* But I won’t be held responsible if anything happens to your kid because of your stupid and careless actions! you’ll sign a form right now stating that you went against the doctor’s orders..

The Mother without any hesitation signed the form, took her kid and went back home.