Our Reviews

Restaurants & Food

Häagen-Dazs Fondue

Shabestan Iranian Restaurant

Tang Chao Restaurant

Fish Market & Fusion Restaurants in Kuwait

Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien

Anise Restaurant | Festival City Dubai

Prime & Toast

KFC’s New WrapStar

Krispy Kreme – Kuwait

Grand Abu Shakra – Dubai

Ice Cream World

Rangoli – Indian Restaurant In Kuwait

Review: Saj Night

Review: Kaifan Juice

Review: McDonald’s McCrispy Chicken Fillet

Review: Pop Up Popcorn

Review: Sarai Restaurant

Review: MUGG & BEAN

Review: The Noodle House Dubai

Review: Danah Al Bahrain Restaurant

Health Company

The Nespresso Coffee Machine

My Coffee & The Perfect Froth

For The Knafa Lovers

Hungry Bunny World

Martha in The House

Market Cafe & A Quick Recap.


Fantasy World in Shuwaikh

The Shooting Range

Nespresso Boutique – Kuwait

Villa Moda Al-Manshar

Souq Alsofafee

JanSport & Eastpack In Carnbon Fiber

Kuwait Motor Show 2007

Review: Copthorne Hotel Dubai

Qanat Al Qasba – Sharjah

Souq Almubarkiya

Dubai’s Dragon Mart

Raffles, Wafi’s new hotel

Gadgets & Other:

Levi’s Cargo Pant

Pack ‘N’ Move

My M&Ms


Birthday Gift

Nokia N810

Review: Linksys iPhone

Review: DHL @ Home Service

Zain Internet Router

Seinfeld – The Complete Series

Elizabeth, The Golden Age

Review: Atyab Al Afaf

Signing Up to DHL’s @ Home Service


Time Capsule

Step By Step RAM-Installation Guide for Macbook Pro

My Curve Arrived

Mario Kart Arrived From NY


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